What is the Office of the National Trustee?

The Office of the National Trustee, also referred to as the ONT, is a group of members elected or appointed by the membership of the Order at the Annual Business Meeting. It is the responsibility of the ONT to oversee all Chapters and Errants in the Order. It also maintains the Order’s 501(c)3 tax status and corporate compliance, file taxes with the IRS, plans and hosts the Annual Business Meeting held every February. It also hosts the Order wide "Tournament of the Phoenix" and "Tournament of Light". The members that make the ONT are:

Supreme Grand Knight Beacon (Chief Executive Officer): Sir Stephen Fritz
duties: oversees all Order functions and chairs the National Conclave.

Lord Chamberlain (Deputy Chief): Sir Richard Bell
duties: oversees Knight and Squire Errants and chairs the national Privy Council.

Lord Herald (Chief Operating Officer): Lord Brad Johnson
duties: oversees membership development and Order safety.

Lord Exchequer (Chief Financial Officer): Sir Preston Absher
duties: oversees the ONT finances and files taxes with the IRS.

Would you like to donate?

Each chapter does a verity of events to raise funds for the specific dragons that they support. Some of the primary activities include but are not limited to public medieval sword fighting demonstrations in full armor using steel swords and shields. They also perform at private events and living history demonstrations including full medieval encampments, history lessons, weapon and armor displays. Please feel free to contact your local chapter for more information about local events and activities.

If you would like to make a donation to help your local chapter raise the funds for “Slaying their Dragons” please contact them via email on how to help. If you would like to make a donation to the Knightly Order ONT, please contact the Lord Exchequer: His Honor, Sir Preston Absher.

  • The Beacon

    The Beacon is a news article that is provided on a quarterly basis that offers items from various Knights from the Chapters. There seems to always be something of interest to read within the Beacon.