Chapter Information

As with similar national membership fraternities, The Knightly Order of the Fiat Lux is divided into chapters based on regional locations, so as to best serve its members and the communities they serve.

Charlotte: Serving Charlotte, North Carolina and surrounding area.
Triangle: Serving Raleigh, North Carolina and surrounding area.
Rowan: Serving Salisbury, North Carolina and surrounding area.
Phoenix: Serving Concord, North Carolina and surrounding area.
Grand Strand: Serving northeast South Carolina.
Three Rivers: Serving Indianapolis, Indiana and surrounding area.
Ulfberht: Serving Fayettevills, North Carolina and surrounding area.
Hickory: Serving Hickory, North Carolina and surrounding area.
Rock Hill: Serving Rock Hill, South Carolina and surrounding area.
  • Chapter Offices

    KoFL uses specific terms to describe its members and officers that may not be easily understood without comparison to more traditional terms. As such we have listed several terms to aid people in understanding our nomenclature:

    Grand Knight Beacon: is the executive director of the Chapter and is selected annually during the Annual Business Meeting of the general membership by a majority vote of Members in GFood Standing. The GKB shall oversee day to day operations to include vendor selection, public relations, meeting schedules, Knigthood rankings, membership and other official duties.

    Knight Beacon: is the Chapter Second and shall serve in the stead of the GKB in the event of his leaving office, incapacitation or other unforseen event that renders the GKB unable to attend his details.The Knight Beacon shall be the runner up in any election for GKB or in the event that GKB was unopposed, a separate election for KB shall be held requiring a simply majority of quorum of MGS.

    Knight Exchequer: shall be the Chapter treasurer and be charged with keeping accurate accounts of Chapter assets and liabilities and provide a monthly report of such to the Beacons Court. All Chapter expenditues require the signature of the KE with the approval of the GKB.

    Knight Herald: keeps records of attendance, membership, rankings, honours, etc. He shall be charged with calling any meetings to order and attending to brother development. Annually the KH shall conduct a membership drive with the assistance of the current membership.

    Knight Magister: shall act as the Chapter Secretary and keep minutes of the Chapter, conduct official communication at the behest of the GKB, and oversee the Chapter marketing materials (website, newsletter, etc).

    Knight Almoner: sometimes referred to as the "Hand of the Chapter", shall oversee specific fundraising activites and projects. He shall conduct his projects by appointing a "Standing Crusade" (committee) to assit. The KA oversees the annual Chapter Tournament of Light.

    Page: youth member between the ages of six (6) and seventeen (17).

    Man-At-Arms: youth member between the ages of eightteen (18) and twenty-one (21).

    Squire: an adult member either of or older than the age of twenty-one (21). Also considered a new member.

    Knight, Lord, Grace: members that have already achieved their Knighthood. Titles may change based on rank advancement.

    Dragon: charities supported and funded by the Chapter.

    Lyst: this is what we call our field of combat.